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This brings me back. The late 90s, early 00s. I worked in Information Technology and most of the time I brought my work home. So… working late into the AM hours, you need something in the background. Especially if you’re programming. You… or at least, I… needed something in the background. And on a cold Autumn night, with the office window open and a nice cup of coffee in front of my CRT monitor, I listened to Art Bell. And I LOVED those moments in time.

Below is a link to an episode dealing with EVPs. Starts at about 44 minutes in.

NOTE: This was back when you had to dig deep for paranormal topics, conspiracies and everything fringe. Back then, it would take you staying up until 2AM or digging through weblogs, forums, or invited to specific posting locations. These days, you can find them in the comment sections of… I guess all of the internet. And people think it’s real and factual and the norm. smh.

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