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I’ve been working on my speed metal chops for the last year. Time to start working on my power vocals!

This may seem like a joke, and it is. And it isn’t. Originally, I worked on speed metal licks to prepare for Gypsy Jazz playing. And now I’m hooked on old speed metal and underground speed metal.

The weird part about going back and studying what the metal guys were doing back then… they were serious, man. Sweet yuca-fruit, they were serious about their craft. Also, the equipment was so crap back then, you had to blast your amps & stacks just to get a decent crunch (and hear yourself over the drummer). I never would have thought that most of those guys were classically trained, and a few are/were prodigious.

Anyway, don’t count out metal. It may seem like a cringey lifestyle (aesthetic as the new kids call it), but they are serious and honestly, there’s some good stuff out there. Do yourself a favor and go find some 80s speed or thrash metal.

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