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The actual information doesn’t start until 1:50 into the video.

This actually goes along with the fact that I’ve been working hard to pull together all the music I’ve worked on for the last 5 years. Not for work or anything, just my personal pieces that I either started or stopped at some point in time within the last 5 years.

About a month ago, I spent a few days going through the old projects. Projects in FL Studio, Ableton and Reason. I have a LOT of ideas I’ve written and saved with no discernible way to categorize them, which means I was stuck going through the project files one at a time. Time well spent.

I’ve separated the projects into 2 categories: keep & sell. That’s right, I’m going to release the projects I’ve written to be leased or purchased! This will definitely help me in a few ways. I have an outlet for the notes in my head and I can make a little money on the side to help me build a modular synth. Hopefully, I can sell my music to someone that will use it commercially or like it so much, they want to write around it and add it as a track on their album! THAT would be awesome.

Anyway, with any venture comes a ton of research, learning and near-capacity understanding of what I’m about to do. That’s just how I roll. If I’m going to do something, I really need to understand it and try to troubleshoot as much as I can prior to even starting. So that’s what I’ve been doing in my spare time. Learning.

That brings me to the subject of this post. Now that I’ve spent almost 30 days reworking old tracks, writing new pieces and finally learning software that I’ve had for years, I’m back in the groove of music. I’m also well-versed on the marketing and sales of my music. Combining them both, I was chuckling like I’ve never chuckled before at this video.

P.S. Watch for future posts about my music. I’ll have pieces for sale, but will also release tracks for listening on all the major music publishing locations online. iTunes, Rhapsody, Groove, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. My personal music may or may-not be under robotKillYou. When I get to working on my stuff, I’ll get a clearer picture on where that is headed.