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When there’s no more room in hell… the dead will walk the earth

That’s a quote from George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

I remember a sweaty night spent in Baumholder, Germany watching the VHS version of Dawn of the Dead. It was the first movie that disturbed me. Not for the zombies, or the gore or the situations the heroes were in… it was the beginning. The live argument on the air.

In the 1980s, you had a couple TV channels, the theaters and that’s about it. Oh, radio, too. There was rarely a behind the scenes look into how visual media was made. Prior to me seeing Dawn of the Dead for the first time, I think my only “behind the scenes” exposure was the VHS of The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and anytime a TV show broke the 4th wall (like when a character would look into the camera and tell the parents how important it is for your kids to watch that episode, because it talked about <insert tough subject>).

So the two guys arguing, people walking out of work, everybody getting scared… that struck a nerve with me. Caught me off guard and introduced new ideas to my young, stupid mind.

But that movie is not the point of this post.

Nope, it’s about a fantastic, FREE game called No More Room In Hell!

Built on Valve’s Source Engine, it’s an amazing 1st person shooter best played with friends and family. Standard fair, zombies all over the place. You have to either hold out for help or move through a giant map, accomplishing goals to move to the next area. The stock maps are awesome, but the game truly shines with 3rd person, fan made maps.

Night Of The Living Dead Map

Maps like the Camp Crystal Lake campgrounds. The cabin from the Evil Dead series. The old house from the original Night of the Living Dead. AWESOME stuff.

It’s a tough, multiplayer game. You’re not going to succeed most of the time, but there are ends to each map. And if you do finish one, it’s a sweaty, hard-won celebration.

Anyhoops, you can get it from STEAM. Download Steam, sign up for a FREE account, search for the game and start playing. If you need friends to play with, find me on there as well!

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