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Ever since I saw the movie, I’ve wanted the bike that Rooney Mara rides in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I’m not a big guy, so the smaller the bike, the better. And if she can handle that bike… well then, that’s the one I need.

It’s a Honda CL350. I found that out through this blog post. Now that I know what to look for, I’ll either track that one down, or get a smaller one. Maybe a 250cc? I dunno. This will be my first motorcycle and Lemon has already told me that my choice of motor bike is limited by the fastest speed. Whatever that means. I think she’s trying to keep me from killing myself. She’s normally good at wrangling me in and keeping me safe, so I better listen to her.

Still getting a motorized bike, though.

The bike in the movie was made by Glory Motor Works. They make motorized bikes for a ton of movies. Worth checking out their site.



Good movie! Buy it here: